Allow me to explain a thing or two about this place. If you're here for pretty artwork or looking for custom illustrations I  recommend you respectively visit the Projects or Clients pages. If you want to find out a bit more about the website and the artist, just scroll down. 

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This started out as my Illustration portfolio, but gradually evolved in something else. The past couple of years my creative interests have broadened. I started out with creating static images such as paintings and comics, but I also became more interested in experimenting with animated images and lego stop-motion animations. Experimentation and playing often leads to new unexpected roads.

I want my personal website to reflect this idea. Rather than pin myself down on a single discipline, put it in a portfolio and call it a day, I want my website to evolve with me. There is lots of change going on around here, because some things just don't work out the way I want it to, and sometimes you just have to try out new things. Shake things up. It's healthy. 

My personal artistic work can be found under Projects, .These are pretty massive as I have a tendency to elaborate and create big worlds in my head and put them on paper.


For a selection of previous assignments you can look under Clients. If you're looking to hire me, I recommend you go there. 

Market features some merchandise with my artwork on it and Instagram shows my instagram feed. 

All the changes, updates and latest news can be found under Headlines. You can keep track of the evolution of this place there. 



Artist name: (Pepijn) Schemer

Real name: Pepijn Schermer

Date of birth: July 4th, 1982


Brief summary:  

So here I have to talk about myself, rather than about what I do. Well let's say I don't really enjoy being in the spotlight, but I love it when my work is. It might sound melodramatic, but it adds meaning to my life when I can touch others with my paintings or comics. Because of that base feeling I have no qualms calling myself an artist, despite never having had formal art education. It's the role you get in life, I suppose. Everything you see on this website is either self-taught or the result of experimenting with friends.