Capital of the future, home to millions of stories and the backdrop for everything related to #cyberpunxnotdead.


Nueva Tenochtitlan is the name of the future metropolis where several of my comic stories take place. It is a coastal city, and mainly formed around a string of bays. The skyline is defined by a core of massive highrise buildings. The hillsides around the center are covered in an endless sprawl of cheap housing solutions. Also noteworthy are the levitated neighbourhoods; complex structures that depend on jet engines to float in the sky.   

Set in an age where mechanical augmentations and other body modifications are rampant, large percentages of the city inhabitants are cybernetically modified in one way or another. Fully robotic androids also form a large chunk of the population, Finally, there is a sizable population of biologically modified mutants, that mostly inhabit the more polluted areas of the city. 

So far there have been four comics that take place in the city, focusing on the daily life of it's various citizens. Each of these stories showcase one part of the city and one certain aspect of life, fleshing out this world. 

The stories are written in dutch and can be found here


So about the tagname #cyberpunxnotdead. What started as a single 12-page black and white comic story more then a decade ago, evolved into a collection of comic stories, paintings and animations. I wanted to capture all of that under a single header.  

Obivously I took a lot of inspiration from the cyberpunk genre, and every now and then this project goes to sleep because of time constraints. However there is always the urge to continue when I can, and the title is a nod to this sci-fi genre, a nod to one of my favourite music types, and a reminder to myself that I need to continue this whenever I can.  

Currently there is some planning done for a next comic/animation hybrid, Hopefully I can tell and show more about that soon. 


Animated Videoclip, based on Jaya the Cat's song Here Come the Drums. Courtesy of Bomber Music.