Well... it looks like you're in the future now.

This is Nueva Tenochtitlan, home to 39 million souls. That's the official reading at least, But who's counting anyway?

Lots of stuff happens here. Both messed up and beautiful in equal doses.

You can take a look if you want to...





Night time at the Delta Plaza Mayor central business District

Nueva Tenochtitlan, vibrant capital of Nazca, inspires awe to all who visit it. It's tropical hillside setting and oceanic backdrop provide a stark contrast with it's hightech architecture and seedy slums. Despite it's majestic stature, this metropolis only exists for a couple of decades. In a short timespan it has grown into the world's leading urban center.

It's a place of colours, smells, high-tech in plain sight and hidden mystique. At times it feels like it can explode into a civil war between all it's factions, but when carnaval season sets in nobody cares. You can explore this city for a lifetime if you want to, and still not find everything it has to offer. However, there are a couple of locations that truly define this place. So take our tour and find out what Nueva Te is all about. 

Enjoy a Siesta at the base of Bosque Amarillo


Calle Surtra

Take a stroll on the tech market Avenida Abismo. This aptly named avenue is based on a large ridge on Nueva Tenochtitlan's southern waterfront. Due to it's proximity to both the harbour and various suburbs with a high cybernetic population there is an abundance of cyberized body parts for sale. There is also a variety of bodymodding stores around. Just watch out for scammers, because it's also a testing ground for hacking gear, and the sellers are always looking for targets to demonstrate their wares on. 

The risk  is well worth the reward however, as the quality and pricing of the products on sale are frequently beyond anything you can find through legal means. The atmosphere is also something you have to have experienced at least once in your life.

(Avenida Abismo is mainly featured in the comic 

"WELKOM"  (in dutch), which is for sale in the market section of Schemer.land)

Ridge slums of Abismo

Mercado Abismo, at the end of Avenida Abismo 



NT Magrail track

Want to enjoy a gentler side of the city? Go visit Nomadicas. Originally a village founded outside the city limits, it quickly became enveloped by the rapid expansion of Nueva Tenochtitlan. There is however, still a quiet charm to this neighbourhood. It is a far cry from the high speed hustle and bustle that came to define most of Nueva Te.  

The architecture here is also more modest, and wandering off trough the alleyways can lead you to all kind of cool discoveries, such as the shrine of Zodiac and the botanic shopping centre.

Or you could just cool down in the aerial Hover Gardens.

(Nomadicas is mainly featured in the comic 

"MANOLO EN DE GEHEIME TUIN"  (in dutch), which is for sale in the market section of Schemer.land)

Estacion Nomadicas

Shrine of Zodiac




Playa Contaminada

Extreme watersports enthousiasts will find their mojo in Playa Contaminada, also homebase to the mutant population of Nueva Te. (Although it's best to refer to them as 'modis', short for 'modificados'.)    

Even though the water is highly polluted, there is a thriving community that engage in 'dodgeboarding', a hovering skateboard that can be utilized on both land and water. After your surfing you can chill out at the many cabins around the beach, but make sure to leave before nightfall. Modi rallies happen quite often here and can turn hostile or even violent to outsiders.

Also, if you want to see the world's best dodgeboarders in action, you should take a short trip to "The Pit", the primary dodgeboarding arena on the outskirts of this neighbourhood.

(Playa Contaminada is mainly featured in the comic 

"DODGE"  (in dutch), which is for sale in the market section of Schemer.land)

Night Surfers

Modi Rally

Anticipations run high in 'the Pit'



Playa Contaminada

Time to get the party started! Once every year the citizens of Nueva Tenochtitlan leave their daily struggles behind them and celeberate carnaval!  So join the festivities in the streets. Marvel at the custom mutations and augmentations that the partygoers have been developing all year long. So watch the parades go by, grab a proper 'motorcola sunrise' and dance along with the music. 

The carnaval is partly featured in "1R HERE COME THE...", comic leporello. This comic is in english and is based on the lyrics "Here Come the Drums" by skapunk band Jaya The Cat.  (Song published by Bomber Music)

This comic is for sale in the market section of Schemer.land

So, that was the full tour through Nueva Tenochtitlan. Did you like it? Are you sure you visited every spot yet? It's funny how new locations seem to pop out of nowhere in a city this big, so just make sure to check back every now and then.