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This page is for all the news, updates and messages concerning Pepijn Schermer and This is a place for  me to communicate site adjustments, exhibitions and other things that I feel like sharing with the world. 

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No Fuel For The Soul Kickoff

Posted at 11-3-2021

In other news, I am proud to present something I've been working on for quite a while now. Last year I've spent a lot of time on my new comic story 'No Fuel For The Soul'. It's a science fiction webcomic depicting the struggle between heaven and hell in a futuristic setting. It's great because I can combine all my favourite themes in one focused story. The first chapter has been published in dutch comic magazine Zone 5300 and is out now! 

This version is specifically written in dutch, so if you prefer the english version you can take a look at The second chapter is also available there. This story will update at least on a weekly basis (each tuesday), and hopefully more often in the future.   

Chained/Unchained Renewed

Posted at 11-3-2021

After another period of radio silence, mostly due to the corona pandemic and the complications that it brought with it, I am happy to tell you that the exhibition Chained/Unchained will be hosted at another location. These paintings will be on display in publicly accessible venue De Hallen Amsterdam. ( from 11-3-2021 until 25-4-2021) 

Since there's not much else to do now in these times, I'd highly recommend taking a stroll there and see what's up.  



Posted at 6-10-2020

This month it is Inktober, a challenge that invites artists to make an ink drawing about a specific prompt everyday. More about that over here. The above drawing was inspired by "Radio". And yes, if you're sharp of mind you'll notice that I'm a bit behind at the moment. After all, I decided to join this challenge just yesterday.

At first I hesitated to join because I'm also busy preparing on a big project right now, which should launch in November. The preparation asks a lot of my logistic skills right now, but nothing of my drawing skills. However, I will be using a lot of Clip Studio Paint for this project and I feel like there is still yet a lot of room to improve and get to know about this program. 

Therefore it's excellent timing. I can get back into the daily rhythm of drawing, while also preparing for the big pages in November. Since these are small drawings I've got plenty of time left to tackle the rest of the planning. Of course you'll hear the news here first on Radio.... 



Posted at 27-9-2020

It's amazing what can happen in a year, as you probably all know by now. During this pandemic I moved to another house, and in the process shook off the depression that has been a major factor in my life for the past years. I also very much enjoyed the summer, which included a couple of boat trips with some friends. During one of those summer days I suggested to paint a design on said boat. It was the first time I did something like that, as I am mostly working ​on flat surfaces, so this creative process included a lot of figuring out and preparing.

In short this process went like this:

Measuring and sketching. We measured the boat and settled for a spot to put the drawing on. After that we went in the cafe and started doodling. First we tried a albatross, as the wingspan gave it the proper width for the bow surface. The body of the bird didn't pan out, though. In the second sketch we went for the Egyption goddess Isis, who also moonlights as the guardian deity for sailing. Great start!

Using the magic powers of Clip Studio Paint (a brilliant drawing program, highly recommended!) I went on to turn the sketch into a solid design. So far so good.

The tricky part was getting this design on the bow. I am not very experienced with graffiti  (on a skewed surface no less) and I also wanted to nail it on the first try, so I decided to turn the design in a plastic cutout. To do this I had to print the design in the proper size and superimpose the plastic on the cardboard. After that I started cutting away until I had the body and one of the wings. This was unexpectedly slow and difficult but the end result was good enough to work with.


Testing the cutout on paper with paint made me realise that graffiti would be too unwieldy for the project. Instead I opted for Posca markers which gave me enough accuracy to get the job done. 


All this preparation paid off, as I really breezed through the boat painting itself with an end result that both me and the boat owner are really happy about...

Right now, both the summer and the settling in a new house are over and I have time to focus on my new comic project as well as this website. More changes and updates are inbound.  

The Circus Moves On

Posted at 17-2-2020

So that was that... Past wednesday I went to the Westcord Art Hotel  to collect my paintings belonging to the Chained/Unchained exhibition.

Well, not all paintings, because three of them were sold, which is great! It's a funny idea that somebody wants to hang visual depicitions of my depression on their walls, all the more because those three paintings were arguably the most visually brutal of them all. 

At the moment I 'm exploring possibilities for new venues. There is one likely in september, possibly another one before that. If anything is confirmed I'll let you know. Until then the remainder of the paintings are stored in my studio. 

However, they are still FOR SALE, so if you are interested in buying one of those 60x80cm dibond limited prints, you can take a look here or contact me directly here.

Anyway, to be continued...

'Swarm Head'

Posted at 31-1-2020

Basically, when I make free work I tend to use on of two creative approaches. Let's call them 'planned' and 'unplanned'. 'Planned' is something that needs to fit in a larger whole, like in the projects subsections of this website. 'Unplanned' is just me starting drawing something, see what happens.


The above picture started the latter way. I named it 'Swarm Head' , but now that it is finished it feels like it could fit in something that is already established. Another Demon to inhabit the lands of Ammocualli could be an option. 

But it could also be a digital avatar for something big, scary and surveillance-y, like one of those corporate tech giants. There is definitely potential to explore that idea, setting the table for a VR heavy storyline, portraying digital entities such as facebook or google with cosmic horrors like Swarm Head here. Online trolls depicted as actual trolls might also work. There are probably more good ideas, so I'm going to let this one sink in... 

( And think of a better title, too...)


Posted at 7-1-2020

Another year has passed, and frankly I felt quite moody afterwards. Last year was a heavy year for me, for reasons  both good and bad. So what do you do when you feel down, that's right, you dig a hole and make a drawing with a bad dystopian vibe. The drawing turned in an animation and my whole week turned into 23 seconds of special effects. (Screenshot from the animation above) 

I also have a good idea for the #cyberpunxnotdead page of this site, because wicked cyborgs living in a dystopian hellhole need love most of all. Anyway, I feel the ideas bubbling right now, so hopefully I can tend to this in the next week or so. 

We'll see... 

For now, Happy New Year.

Oh, and if you want to see the animation already, just check out the Instagram feed. It's fresh on top. 


Posted at 30-10-2019

At times it's hard to keep track of everything that's going on, and when I'm busy my focus tends to dwell on one or two things. Unfortunately, updating my website was not one of those things. I am happy to tell though that I am almost done finishing a big project for a client. It involves comic and music, a combination that I like very much. More about that soon.

Another thing that kept me busy was a new game that came out on the Nintendo Switch, a console that I enjoy playing a lot. It's called Super Mario Maker 2, and it's about making your own Mario levels. I love to create and play around with stuff, and next to drawing and building lego, this is another cool outlet for me. If you happen to own a Switch and this game, you can check out some levels.

My maker ID is YDM-HWM-W0H, aka "Bloktopus", 

Check out for instance: 

"Plumber for hire"  (GHK-M38-13G)

"Plumber for hire: Bowser's toilet" (NF8-MLT-CLG)

"Goomba Stomp 101" (62N-G2W-SKG)


"The Great Koopa Kontraption" (WHR-M8B-GLF)

Also, I am regurlarly playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, if you want to race against me you can add my friend code SW-7277-1991-8423


Posted at 29-8-2019

Now that my artworks are hanging safe and sound in the Amsterdam Westcord Art Hotel, it is time for an opening event. There will be a chance to look at the paintings, chat and have some drinks I will also tell a bit more about how this project came to be and what it means to me. More information can also be found here.

It feels poetic that a personal project with loads of symbolism opens at friday the 13th, it's going to be special.


By the way, it will be starting at 19.00 at Spaarndammerdijk 302 in Amsterdam.



Posted at 11-8-2019

Due to some personal circumstances I have not been able to stay on top of my website activities for the past few months. The same goes for the stop-motion filming with my Bloktopus friends. However, the situation has changed again and now we find ourselves back on the stop-motion track. It's so good to do this, because making lego movies with friends is such a nice change of pace from the illustrations  and comics that I make on my own. The medium of brickfilms is also quite different so it helps me with my sense of space and timing. Currently we're implementing green screen technology for our next movie. We've experimented with it in the past, so it should be possible to include it. Anyway, we'll see how that goes... The most important part of this is having fun. And that's what we're having.... big time. 


Posted at 15-7-2019

I am happy to announce that an exhibition featuring the works from 

Chained/Unchained is going to happen shortly. It will be held in Amsterdam Westcord Art Hotel, at the Spaarndammerdijk 304.

This exhibition has also been made possible by Booart Kunstbemiddeling.

More information will follow shortly.


Posted at 21-3-2019

...and kicking! As you might have deduced by now, my website has gotten a major overhaul. The main structure (home) has been modified so it's easier to add new content without having to break style. The variety of creations of the past five years have been divided in smaller 'adventures', where each one has it's own style and structure. You can look at it a bit in the way you would look at a theme park. There are different attractions to choose from, you don't have to visit all of them, but you can if you want to. There are also booths with items or information, such as the ones you're looking at right now. And like every other succesful theme park you can expect new things to pop up here. New animated artworks for instance, illustrations, or more hidden secrets. (Have you found secret area#1 already?) So, please check back later to find out more. 

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