Welcome to the market section.  There are a couple of different types of items for sale with my artworks on it. Any purchase you make helps me to keep this thing going. Currently there are Comics, T-shirts and Wall prints available, sold trough separate third-party websites. They are listed above. Enjoy the view.

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Several of my self-published comics are for sale on my external webstore at These include "1R: Here Come The Drums" and the "Nueva Tenochtitlan Anthology". (Shipping costs may vary)

Price range:

€5 - €12


Three selected prints from the collection Chained/Unchained form the basis of T-shirts. The T-shirts are being produced by artistic support website (Shipping costs may vary)

Price range:



The mixed media paintings from the collection Chained/Unchained  are also for sale  at Booart Kunstbemiddeling. They  are all very limited so be quick about it! 

Price range:

€500 - €800,-


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Looking for a custom illustation, comic, or animation? Leave your message here.

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