Here is a selection of finished and ongoing personal projects that I  put on display. These vary from digital paintings, comics and  animations. I used a playful approach for this part of the website. If you're looking for more commercial work, I recommend you visit the Clients page, but if you just want to drift around to take a look, this place is perfect for you. 

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"Enter the fantastic realms of Ammocualli and Cuahuitl in this thrilling ride through light and darkness." (Digital Paintings)

"Enter the wacky world brought to you by the Lego Stop Motion crew Bloktopus." (Stop Motion Animation)


"The future still sucks. Want to find out why? Take a stroll into the dystopian mess that is Nueva Tenochtitlan." (Comics)


"Take a dive into the archives of Schemerland, and find relics from long forgotten pasts here." (Various)

"This silent comic shows what might happen to you in the aferlife. Or is it not the afterlife? Fully readable here. (Comic)