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Map Station

Downloadable HD Map Collection (Donations)

Next to the larger full scope areas that are mainly covered within the Premium Map Collection there are several bitesized areas within those games that also deserve an extra spotlight. Remember those captivating intro stages of Metroid Prime and The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom? You can download them here and print them out for yourself.

Also, several of these downloads come free but include a donation function. So if you like what you see here and want to encourage my videogame mapmaking adventure, please consider making a donation via one of those downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Map Station exactly?

Map Station is a webshop dedicated to showcasing and selling my video game maps, starting with Tallon IV Map of Metroid Prime.

Will you make more videogame maps?

Absolutely, I’m committed to keep this going. New maps are on the way. If you want to support this, you can purchase a map, or make a donation via the Frigate Orpheon Map Download.

Are you going to make a map of Aether of Metroid Prime 2?

I would love to. Unfortunately I don’t have access to Metroid Prime 2 at the moment, and this process works only if I can thoroughly explore the game in question.

Do you also sell T-shirts / Posters / Mugs of these maps ?

Currently I only have an ultra high-end piezography print available. It’s the best quality print that I know of. However, if you want another product with this print on it, there’s an option to download the design itself and take it to a print shop near you.

What process did you use to make this?

My drawing setup is a Huion tablet monitor, and I do the drawing in Clip Studio Paint. For the process I download area maps and rearrange them so they can form a whole. Then I make a rough sketch based on them, and use the sketch to set up area outlines. The outlines are used to make fills of the walkable areas, structures, background, etc. The fills are refined with grayscales, and the grayscales are used for coloring. For instance, take a look at the process of making the Frigate Orpheon Map.

Is there a way to follow your progress?

Yes, most of my work and work in progress will be published on my instagram account @schemer_land

Thank you for your message!


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