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of Pepijn Schermer,  an autodidactic Illustrator / Artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

I have a specialization in illustrated maps inspired by videogames, but I've got several other art projects under my belt as well.

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My Story

"Tallon IV Map" - The map that started it all 

Like any artist, I've always been looking to create my next thing and reach a bigger audience. Frustratingly, the latter didn't happen until recently ...

The gamechanger, both literally and figuratively, was this illustrated map inspired by the game Metroid Prime. I've finished this piece in february-march 2023, and it kickstarted an unlikely chain reaction of events.  

Want to learn more about this process? Check out the Blog section of the website.

Maps For Sale

So right now the core of my practice is creating artistic maps of videogames. It's something I enjoy very much and that I'd like to continue doing. 

If you feel like supporting this, please consider buying a map in the Store. There are high-end premium printed world maps that ship worldwide, and downloadable map designs with optional donations.


Any sale is instrumental in expanding this venture, so please check it out! Your help is greatly appreciated!  

"Greater Hyrule Map" - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom


"Flask of Pandora" - Animated Illustration Video

Even though the game maps are my latest artistic venture, there are also a lot of other artworks and illustrations that I've made in an earlier stage and are definitely worth checking out:

  • Illustrations - single images, made either for clients or just for fun.

  • Art - a limited collection of bigger art projects, some spanning years to finish.

  • Animations - an experimental section featuring moving images.

Custom prints, collaborations and work for hire 

  • Do you want a custom print of my work that's not currently available in the webshop?

  • Are you looking for an artistic collaboration? 

  • Do you represent a company that's in need of my illustration skills?

  • Do you have any other questions that are in dire need of answering? 


Please reach out to me through the contact form below, or slide me a message through my Instagram account.

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Yours Truly - Pepijn Schermer

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